Friday, 18 April 2014

Nightmare By Robin Parrish

NightmareNightmare by Robin Parrish
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This one was really dull, and i felt like putting it in the "DNF" pile, even when i was nearly finished!

The rating for this one on Goodreads is pretty high (at just under a 4) so i was hoping it would be a good, creepy read.

Unfortunately, that hope quickly diminished when the signs at the amusement park came into it.
"You may vomit" and "You may get night terrors" were some of the culprits i'm talking about.
Honestly, if i seen these signs, i wouldn't be scared. I'd laugh and demand my money back.

It didn't get any better, either.
Okay, not all of the "creepy" bits were as lame as the signs, but they weren't really creepy either.

I normally hate having to put a book down to do something else.
However, when i had to put this one aside for a couple of hours, i didn't mind putting it down at all.
When i went back to it, i just wanted the end to come.

Overall, it was a really boring read, and unfortunately, wasn't creepy at all.

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