Friday, 18 April 2014

Inevitable By Tamara Hart Heiner

InevitableInevitable by Tamara Hart Heiner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jayne is plagued by visions showing horrible deaths, and when she sees the death of her love interest, she thinks it's as bad as it can get.
She's wrong. When a serial killer is on the loose and Jayne sees the death of one of his victims, She must put herself in danger to end the reign of his terror.

Jayne was a really good character. She was strong, compassionate and very brave. Not only did she deal with the visions on her own, she went after a murderer. The only problem i had with her, was the fact she kept going hot and cold with Aaron. The reason she did was understandable though. I mean, how would you feel seeing how your boyfriend died? especially when you see who he was married too?
Unfortunately, even though i kept on reminding myself of this, it still didn't make it anymore annoying!

I did like Dana. When she did finally find out about Jayne's physic gifts, she wasn't annoyed for very long. She supported her though it.

Overall, This was a great little murder mystery. Filled with great characters, mystery and a little bit of mythology.

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