Friday, 18 April 2014

Legacy Rising By Shane Scollins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Six years ago, Allison was a victim in a college shooting. Fortunately she survived.. Unfortunately, her best friend never.
Now, Alison has her life back on track. She's away from the bad memories, and her alcoholic mother.
Though, when she gets a chilling letter from someone claiming to be the dead shooter, her safety is in jeopardy again. Can the FBI stop the culprit in time?

If i received a letter like Allison did, i would have run like crazy. It was so creepy.

The story between Allison and Buddy was so cute. Probably the moment when i really started liking her. Buddy was an amazingly clever dog, Especially near the end!

Allison's mother sounded so awful. I'm really glad Allison stood up to her.

Ryan was really sweet, He was so devoted to Allison. It's really sad what he went through at the end.

I liked Allison, and i liked Ryan.. but i really loved Buddy.

This was a good murder mystery, and i liked the ending.

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